Young Leader

The young leader qualification is designed to help you take an active, positive part in running a Rainbow, Brownie or Guide unit.

It’s open to young leaders aged 14-17 helping in a unit. If you would like to become a young leader talk to your leader or local commissioner.

Why should I get involved?

You’ll develop skills in leadership, communication and team working – all of which make impressive additions to any CV. Working towards the qualification will also help you to contribute more to your local unit leadership team and become more confident in your role.

What’s involved?

The young leader qualification is made up of six practical modules, which you complete at the same time as volunteering with a unit.

  • Module 1: GO and sectional training – focuses on the Girlguiding membership system (GO) and learning more about the section you are working with.

For module 1 part b, the ‘Being a leader’ e-learning has been replaced by the 3 Being a leader videos on the leadership skills webpage. Young leaders could also do the Programme planning e-learning on the learning platform to cover this part of the qualification.

  • Module 2: Leadership – looks at different leadership styles and when you should use them, for example with girls of different ages.
  • Module 3: Planning – allows you to demonstrate how well you understand the programme for the section you volunteer with. It’ll help you to make sure that the programme is right for the range of ages and abilities in your unit, that all girls take part in planning the programme, and the activities are enjoyable for the girls.
  • Module 4: Working with girls – allows you to demonstrate that you understand the girls you work with and can provide the best opportunities for them to grow and develop.
  • Module 5: Local guiding – looks at the structure of guiding in your local area and how you’re supported within this.
  • Module 6: Your role in guiding – is about you showing that you understand the Promise and Law, and your commitment to guiding.

What happens when a Young Leader completes the award?

When the award is completed the Commissioner notifies the County Office of the girl’s name/unit and date achieved so that a badge and certificate can be sent for presentation email

Get Started

  • Download a copy of the young leader qualification workbook to get started.                    YOUNG LEADER QUALIFICATION WORKBOOK
  • You can also download a table to help you evaluate activities in your unit as part of    your young leader qualification.

If you’ve enjoyed being a young leader then you might like to think about becoming a unit helper or an adult leader when you’re 18.  We’ve updated our leadership training and created the Leader development programme, which you can start working on from your 16th birthday on our learning platform.

Although the modules in the current Young leader qualification don’t map exactly to the new programme, you might be ready to jump straight to the ‘becoming a leader’ modules. You can use the ‘check your knowledge’ quiz to see what you already know.

You’ll use your knowledge and experience as a young leader to complete the programme. Have a think back to those brilliant moments where you excelled as a leader, whether that’s getting the girls to tell you about what activities they wanted to do or helping to plan their next adventure in guiding. You can refer back to these as you complete the Leader development programme.

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