County Team

Girlguiding Northamptonshire Structure

Executive committee

The main functions of the executive committee are:

  • To review and consider matters from region exec, division exec, county advisers, sub committees
  • To form sub committees as necessary
  • To refer to division executives for their input
  • To act as a channel of communication between division and region
  • To manage county finances

The executive committee members:

  • County Commissioner (Chairman)
  • Assistant County Commissioners
  • Division Commissioners
  • County Treasurer
  • Chairman of Finance
  • County Secretary
  • County PR adviser
  • County Leadership Co-ordinator
  • County Trefoil Guild Chairman
  • Chair of Programme and Events

County Trainers, Advisers and Coordinators

In addition to the executive committee members, there are a number of other advisers and trainers within the County.


‘Unit’ is the name given to a group of Rainbow Guides, Brownie Guides, Guides or RAnger members and their respective Leaders.

Each unit is registered with Girlguiding UK and receives a registration certificate in the name of the unit.


Units of two or more different Guiding sections may be grouped into Districts led by a District Team, most District Teams are led by a District Commissioner.

The District Commissioner will attend Division meetings in order to represent the members within the District and in order for the Division Commissioner to pass on information from County executive meetings.

The District Commissioners will pass on information to Unit Leaders in the District, usually by holding a District meeting which Unit Leaders will be invited to attend.


Districts are grouped into Divisions led by a Division Team. Most Division Teams are led by a Division Commissioner.

The Division Commissioner will attend County executive meetings in order to represent the views of members within the Division and to be able to pass on relevant information to members of the Division and Districts.

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