Advisers & Coordinators

Awards Committee Chairman

Linda Marriott Email:

Duke of Edinburgh Coordinator


Membership Recruitment

Jo Bearman Email:

Growing Guiding Coordinator

Julie Shane Email:

Queens Guide Coordinator

Kimberley Clarke Email:

The role of the Queen’s Guide Co-ordinator is to promote all aspects of Queen’s Guide as an integral part of the programme at County level.
The co-ordinator is the first person to contact to begin the award, who will liaise with candidates to help find an appropriate mentor and sign off their Queen’s Guide book.
The co-ordinator visits units or individuals to discuss the Queen’s Guide Award.

Training Coordinator

Adèle Cooney Email:

Assist Janita in her role as County Commissioner and coordinate all the training of leaders and commissioners throughout the County.

Peer Educator Adviser

Karen Tomlin Email:

Safe Guarding Adviser

Sharon Priest Email:

Additional Needs Adviser

Rachael Reid Email:

Rainbow Coordinator

Bronwen Grigg & Andrea Newlyn-Jones Email:

Brownie Coordinator

Charlee Welford Email:

Guide Coordinator

Kate Chaplin Email:

Rangers & Young Leader Coordinator

Mel Dee Email:

The role of the senior section adviser is to offer support and advice to members and leaders of the senior section, enabling young women to make the most of the opportunities available to them.

The adviser also organises a number of county wide events during the year to give senior section members across the county a chance to meet one another and enjoy new experiences while building lasting friendships.

I am happy to visit units or individuals to discuss the programme or awards and qualifications. Just get in touch and keep me updated with what you're doing!

18-30 Coordinator

Faye Parker Email:

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