Becoming a Leader

To become a leader, you’ll need to do our Becoming a leader training, which you can find on our learning platform. It’s part of our leader development programme. If you’re new to Girlguiding, you’ll need to register as a volunteer as a first step.

What does a leader do?

Without our 80,000 leaders guiding simply wouldn’t happen. Being a leader is so rewarding. You get to work directly with girls, help them to grow into confident young women and have loads of fun along the way. Every week will be a little different but you’ll plan and run activities with your team, from parachute games to cooking challenges and everything in between.

Who can become a leader?

The role of leader is a woman-only position and the full leader development programme is also woman-only.  To achieve our mission of supporting girls and young women to develop and fulfil their potential we provide a girl-only space and have women as role models for our young members.

You can only become a leader when you’re 18 but you can start working towards it from the age of 16.  Many of the courses are available outside of the leader development programme, and so these can be completed by any volunteer.

What will I learn?

The Becoming a leader training is split into three learning areas. This will help you explore, develop and apply the skills needed to run a Girlguiding unit and provide a great guiding experience.  You’ll have lots of help and support along the way. The learning areas are:

  • Building foundations. You’ll learn how to deliver guiding in a fun and safe way, whilst following our policies.
  • Engaging guiding. You’ll learn how to involve young members in creating the very best Girlguiding experiences in a way that is suitable for all.
  • You and your team. You’ll learn to work as a team and manage the unit.

You’ll need to complete all topics within these three areas but if you’ve been in guiding for a while you may find that you’ve already done some of them.

How long will it take?

When you register to start your becoming a leader programme, you’ll be assigned a mentor and they’ll help you plan your time. Most volunteers will complete it in less than a year.

How will I be assessed?

At the end of each of the three learning areas, you’ll need to arrange for your mentor to visit you leading in your unit. You’ll work together to complete a reflection form which you’ll then upload to the learning platform.

You’ll be able to do all the training online, but you might also go to local training courses to support this and build your network.

How do I apply?

Talk to your commissioner and leaders at your unit to let them know you’re interested. You can also access the learning platform and sign up online here.

Not a volunteer yet? Sign up as a volunteer here.

Any questions?

If you need support or advice with our training, please contact

You can also log on to the Girlguiding UK Website for more support and key resources.

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