Safe Space Training

Please be aware that from 1 January 2021 every unit must have one leader present at the meeting who has completed Level 3. This can be either a leader, leader in training or assistant leader. If there is no one present with Level 3 the meeting cannot take place. 

Safe Space compliant – what does this mean? Most volunteers (including unit leaders; yl’s, occasional/residential helpers, mentors and home contacts) are required to complete 1 or more levels of Safe Space training depending on their role(s).    Everyone needs to have completed ALL of their trainings by 31 December 2020 (no extension will be granted for COVID). 

What trainings do I and other volunteers need to do? This depends on your role(s). The level per each unit role can be found here

How can I do the required training during lockdown?

From the comfort of your home. Training’s have been adapted to e-learnings and webinars – see the table below for the options available for each level.

If you are unable to participate as indicated above, please email

Level 1 Level 2 Level 3 Level 4
How can I do the learning? E-learning
Level 1
Level 2   OR webinar (to follow soon)
E-learning (optional) Level 3
How long does it take? 20 mins E-learning 30 mins
Webinar 2 hours
Webinar 3 hours
E-learning 30 mins
2 * 2 hour trainings

Please remember that you don’t just do the highest level for your role, you need to do all the levels below too.

For e-learnings you choose the time and the place. Simply click on the relevant link(s) in the table and complete the learning/assessment. Please have your GO membership number with you so it can be added to your record. 

Webinars are online face-to-face sessions with trainers at specific times, booking now direct with Regional office via the link below.


so please look out for emails (from both HQ and Region) advising of dates available and book a seat!

For online  face-to-face Webinar sessions, Region will contact members via email to invite to the training.  Please be patient, they will prioritise units with the greatest need first.

What do I need to do now?

  • Complete any e-learnings that you need to do as soon as possible
  • Check that volunteers’ email addresses are up to date
  • Contact that all volunteers listed on GO (including those who only occasionally support you) to ensure they know about the trainings and what their GO number is.
  • Inform your Commissioner if anyone listed on GO no longer does the role listed so the role can be ended
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