GUIDANCE- Starting to meet in person again………

HQ have released some guidance on how we can return to face to face meetings out of doors.

Unit leaders will need to complete a checklist and risk assessment which will then have to be approved by your local commissioner.
Click here for the link to the GUK site and all updated forms that you will need and the latest information on meeting face to face
This is only if you want to do something or are able to do something- there is no pressure to do anything and you must feel safe first and foremost.
I know it goes without saying, as we are all that way inclined, but can I please, please ask that we all work together on this if you are going to organise an activity/event and are patient and supportive with each other.
Your commissioners will only have the same information as you and we will learn together.
If you do not currently have a commissioner please email
Thank you 😊
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