Safe Space requirements…. what do you need?

Safe Space Level 1&2
Level 1 & 2 is for All Volunteers – this includes Occasional Residential Helpers, Asst. Leaders, Unit Helpers, Young Leaders and Leaders in Training
You can also attain the level 2 by e-learning worksheet, download the form on our website and meet with a level 3 safe space holder (trainer or DC) for the follow up conversation. You must complete the relevant e-learning levels
Safe Space Level 3
For anyone leading a team of adults, at least one leader per unit (leader, assistant leader, leader in training), mentors, advisers, coordinators (except GO coordinators), licence holders on residential’s, trainers, tutors and those doing level 4 who have already completed a face to face level 2 training (or completed the level 2 worksheet and level 2 e-learning and had a follow up conversation with a level 3 dc or trainer)
The Level 3 Safe Space e-learning must be completed prior to attending this course.

You may be able to achieve the Level 3 by an alternate route if you have prior learning – download the form under resources/forms on this website to check if you are eligible – you must be the decision maker in regards to reporting a safeguarding concern and your certificates must be valid within 3 years.

Safe Space Level 4
Level 4 is for all commissioners, designates, deputies and those sharing a role, trainers delivering A Safe Space Level 4, safeguarding leads and A Safe Space advisers. There may be volunteers in other roles that may find this useful, for example, contingent management/support teams leading a national contingent to international events.
Check out our calendar under the events/training tab for the next available courses and book via the eventbrite link given

Both the level 2 worksheet and prior learning paperwork can be downloaded  from this website under resources/forms/awards & qualifications

For a full list of all roles at all levels and their requirements – please see resources/forms/girlguiding forms on this website

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