How Healthy Is Your GO!

Now we have all had some time to understand our new system, we can see how vital it is to keep all details updated. Accurate details on Go are not only essential but are also a legal requirement.

  • Without correct meeting days and time you will not receive the girls on your Join us list.

  • Without the correct start date for your girls on Go you will not have anniversary badges issued at the right time.  Please ensure all new girls are added to your units showing the start date of their first week. Newly started girls should only show under young member role. If she is still on any of the young member enquiry lists, you need to confirm her role. Please feel free to call the office if you need us to talk you through getting your girls onto your unit, we are here to help.

  • Without showing the actual start date of your volunteers they will not receive awards when they deserve them. If your Commissioner is unavailable to help then please contact the office for assistance.






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