Girlguiding Northamptonshire Lockdown Guiding Spirit





As we begin to see the small changes that are signalling the long road to whatever our new normality will be, we have seen and been told about so many people who have done something over and above the norm to support others during the lockdown period.  Whether that has been offering practical help, a phone call to someone isolating alone, being an exceptional key worker, offering great unit guiding or the many small acts of kindness that has shown someone they are cared for.
We are really proud to belong an organisation that values these qualities and so many of our members are the very kind of people that in difficult times often rally and ask themselves what can they do to help others.  True guiding spirit in action.
We would like to recognise these special members of Girlguiding Northamptonshire. So today, we are delighted to be able to launch this recognition.
It is open to anyone who holds any role in Girlguiding Northamptonshire, so that’s girls as well as volunteers and absolutely anyone, from both inside and outside of Girlguiding, can nominate one of our members. 
All you need to do to nominate someone is send an email to Janita at telling her who you are nominating (their full name please), the unit they belong to (or if you don’t know that the area they live in), whether they are an adult or a young member and a brief description of why you are nominating them.
We hope you will join us in recognising and celebrating our volunteers and girls who have made a difference to others in these difficult times.
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