Code of Conduct

Your volunteer code of conduct maps out what is expected of you at all times

This is Girlguiding’s expectation of how you work with others in Girlguiding (including volunteers, staff and girls) and members of the public (including parents and partner organisations)

As a Girlguiding volunteer you must always:
  • Be a good role model with behaviour and attitude that is in line with our values and the promise
  • Comply with all applicable UK laws and guidance
  • Make sure you follow Girlguiding policies and procedures and re-read them from time to time so you are aware of any updates
  • Deliver the Girguiding Programme to young members if you are a unit volunteer. If working with adults support them to meet guiding programme requirements
  • Be responsible and accountable in the way you perform your role
  • Be fair and treat everyone with respect and dignity in accordance with our Equality and Diversity policy
  • Respect others privacy in line with our policies and guidance
  • Communicate with others in an open and respectful way whether in person, by phone, in writing or digital media
  • Work together with Girlguiding members, their parents/carers and members of the public to promote Girlguiding’s mission and values
As a Girlguiding volunteer you must not act fraudulently or dishonestly, or do anything which brings (or is likely to bring) Girlguiding into disrepute or have a negative impact on Girlguiding or its reputation

Please click here for a PDF of the updated Code of Conduct


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